The Princess and the Butterfly

God made the world and created beauty in it to show that he is always with us.

This story shows the truth that God is truly the only one who can conquer our fears and put them to rest, and that with him, we have nothing to be afraid of. He declares this in Matthew 14:27. "Don't be afraid," he said. "Take courage I am here!" In between these pages, a beautiful princess learns just that.

This young princess had a fear that to her seemed impossible to break free of""she was scared so much that she could barely go outside. She searched for a way to vanquish her fear, but nothing made it go away, until she prayed to God and asked for his help. Trusting God with her whole heart made her fear vanish. God was always with the princess waiting to help her; all she had to do was remember that he was God and could do anything""including take her fear away.

You have no reason to fear, little ones, because God loves you, and He will keep you safe. He is always watching over you and looking out for you. You are never ever alone because God is there right next to you. You just have to believe it!

--Lauren Eileen Lovan