The Profile of a Psychiatric Patient through God's Eyes

Lenys M Martinez Author She was born in Ponce, PR. and currently lives in the state of Indiana, US. Since she was little her passion has been serving others. Her love for the gospel of Jesus Christ has inspired her to write her own life experiences to instill hope. The diagnosis of a mental illness is not the end of your life. Even when you feel that your strength ends and your emotions betray you, there is still something you can do. Through these pages, you will witness that when your strength is not enough, then God uses his for your benefit. You won’t know how important God is until he’s the only thing left for you. In the process, you will be able to experience how God speaks and how he meets your needs. You will have the opportunity to see yourself as you really are, your essence and in the original design that was established for you. Only when you learn to see yourself as God sees you, can you understand that this diagnosis is not for you to live in; it is temporary and will help you reach your promised land.As you read this book you will change mental patterns and thoughts that do not let you reach your destination.• Faith does not deny reality; faith changes it.• Your condition does not determine your position.• Don’t limit your power, because God is unlimited.• The wound hurts, but the scar doesn’t.• Every history precedes a great glory.

--Lenys M. Martínez Ortiz