The Rainbow Covenant

All of God's physical Creation reflects a higher spiritual Reality. In that Creation, light is synonymous with Truth or God; who is the source of Truth. It should surprise no one that when you unwrap light to find the Rainbow, the Rainbow gives a detailed account of what God is all about. He is about loving and saving mankind by wooing them into the Rainbow Covenant of Marriage. From the red blood sacrifice of the Gospel Truth of Jesus, to the purple royalty of the Holy Spirit; God's constant and repeated message is that there is only one way to attain the purple royalty that is God's. That way is through faith in the red blood sacrifice of Jesus as the propitiation for our sins. He is the only gate or door into the Rainbow Covenant. We are all spiritual Cinderella's, enslaved to the 3 evil stepsisters of the world, the flesh and the Devil. But the Prince can raise us up out of the ashes and into the beauty of a royal mansion.

There is another option, however. We can reject God's suit and pursue a life of self-will. We know that marriage means the death of self-will. This book describes the Dark Path of Separation from God that is the shadow opposite of the Rainbow Covenant of Marriage. Cain was the first to tread this path to its bitter end; which for mankind in this Age of Engagement, is incontrovertible sentencing or engagement to separation from God in the Lake of Fire. But it is God's will that all be saved. There's more than enough room in the lifeboat that I choose to call, "The Rainbow Covenant".

--Richard Hoffman