The Real Bible And Science

People have always questioned the authenticity of the Bible. One major negative argument is that

the Bible conflicts with science. e author believes in both the Bible and science. He believes that

the Bible is the inspired Word of the LORD and is accurate and truthful. It therefore must agree

with science. This book compares the Bible to science and shows that the Bible and science

agree. Modern Bibles often present a misleading if not downright erroneous translation of the

originally written Bible. The book discusses the original Hebrew Bible and shows where

modern Bibles diverge from the intended message of the original Bible. Endorsing agreement

between science and the Bible is impossible without looking at what the Bible says, at what is

originally written. The book compares physical science with the Bible. The Bible contains

information that relates to the Big Bang, the formation of the Earth, changes on the Earth's

surface, catastrophic events that affected the Earth's surface, and many other things. The Bible

was ahead of its time, preceding science in some areas, such as the newly discovered water

bearing layer deep in the Earth that made the great flood possible. Geological markers allow us

to place the book of Genesis accurately in time, providing a huge breakthrough in comparing the

Bible to science. The Bible also matches archaeological and historical information. The book

shows how the LORD's activities on Earth coincide and are part of with the advancement of

humanity on Earth, in Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization. is discussion shows how the

LORD was instrumental in advancing mankind from a nomadic hunter-gatherer society to the

modern society we have today.

--Richard Langen