The Remarkable Humpty Dumpty

Imagine for the moment the opposite of circumstances in a nursery rhyme already well-known and the outcome of the story to be of a different order.The story The Remarkable Humpty Dumpty is such an outcome. The story begins as Humpty Dumpty takes his place high upon the wall. He is loud. He is boastful and becomes a real annoyance. His oratory is pompous and disgusting. The people want him gone.So they try to find ways to get rid of him. They are not successful. Despite further attempts, they are still not successful. So after a short meeting to see what they could further do, they decide to let the matter rest.It is during this time that things really begin to happen. The people, in their waiting and anticipation, are completely and totally surprised. Unforeseen circumstances well beyond their wildest dreams occur.As a result, this problem, which was once a very annoying situation, now turns out to be a blessing. In the end, the people are happy and gratified. The king who undergoes a total personal transformation creates a better relationship, and Humpty Dumpty who was once a real annoyance is now praised for his change of behavior.All ends well. Life goes on.

--David Lotten

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