The Revelation of Jesus Christ: A Commentary for the People

While many theological commentaries have been written on the book of Revelation, this one has been written as an easy-to-understand commentary for those without a seminary education. It is not an in-depth theological treatise for the use of trained pastors. The author is a pastor who has spent more than twenty-five years studying and teaching the book of the Revelation in various conservative churches. It is unique in that it addresses the issues of the book of Revelation from what is known as the “realized millennial,” or what Dr. Jay E. Adams described as the “orthodox preterist” position. This position affirms that the events of Revelation are past (preterist) with the exception of the events in the last two chapters. The main attraction to most readers will be the fact it does not use footnotes or endnotes and is therefore much easier to read and understand. It will also be attractive because it biblically addresses the erroneous view present in much of the modern church that the events of the Revelation are still future to our time. Additionally, the book establishes how the events described in the Revelation are related to Old Testament practices and prophecies, and it demonstrates the faithfulness of God in keeping His promises to His people.

--David C. Crenshaw