The Revelation of Jesus Christ

This book, The Revelation of Jesus Christ, has been written on each chapter of the book of Revelation. Each chapter is written in plain English, giving the reader understanding of the symbols in the chapter and the book of Revelation. Each symbol in the book of Revelation can be found throughout the Scriptures, thus giving us the meaning and understanding of each one. If the wrong meaning or understanding of each symbol is given, then the entire book of Revelation is misunderstood.

Within the pages of this book, we find the battles and victories of God's church down through the ages of time. Therefore, we can see God's people and the spiritual battles that were won by conquering the enemy of their time. These same battles are taking place in many places today, but we will be able to understand that God has a people and has always had a people who will stand for truth and right.

The book of Revelation is a misunderstood book and one often feared by many. But read with understanding, it can be blessing to God's people everywhere.

This book, Revelation of Jesus Christ, was originally written and printed in Spanish. Because of the large demand, it has been translated into English.

--Alex (Lazaro) Figueroa