The Righteous Shall Never be Removed: Like a Tree Planted by the Waters

The title The Righteous Shall Never Be Removed was derived from the scripture found in Proverbs 10:30. There are many teachings on the land that proclaim that the Lord Jesus will, at some point, return to earth and call all the righteous Christians out of the earth and take them to heaven.

This book is not in any way trying to change the doctrine or teaching of any group or church organization, but through the authorís many years of study and research, along with countless hours of prayer, he has not yet found this type of teaching in the scriptures. It is the authorís sincere prayer that this book and its title would, in some way, give the readers another avenue of prayeróor, at least, open their hearts to seek the face of the Lord for the answer to whether or not the teaching they believe in is true.

The book or its title is not designed to make anyone believe the words written therein, but, rather, to take a second look at what they believe. As a pastor, Bill always tells the congregation not to believe anything he says but to take what he says before the Lord and ask him whether or not what he has spoken is true.

First Timothy 2:4 states that Godís will is that all men be saved and that all men come into the knowledge of the truth. The truth is not found behind the pulpit, the truth is not found in the sons of men, but the truth is only found in God himself. It is Billís prayer that someday all men will stop seeking the hearts of men and start seeking God for the truth.

--Pastor Bill Madison