The Secret and Power of Praying the Lord's Prayer: Hallowed Be Thy Name

The Lord's Prayer--or the "Our Father," as it's sometimes referred to--is a prayer that was taught by the Lord Jesus Christ to His disciples after they had asked Him to teach them to pray. This prayer is widely known in all Christian churches, irrespective of the denomination. Many of us know and have memorized this prayer in our lifetime.

The question that is answered in this book is, what was indeed in the Lord's mind when He taught them to pray in this manner? In this book, you will discover, as the writer also discovered, that the Lord's Prayer is a guide or a model that was meant to be followed daily, not just to be recited. The author explains how it is like a sketch map or a skeleton that needs tendons, ligaments, muscles, etc. or a scheme of work that has to be developed into detailed daily lessons.

Each section in this book details in systematic succession, section by section, what each one of them means to us as we pray the Lord's Prayer. You will find Bible illustrations as well as real-life examples that the author uses to cultivate your desire to know the secret and the power that there is in praying the Lord's Prayer.

God is the Father, and His plans are for good and not for evil. As a Father, He can say yes, no, or wait in response to our prayer.

In all we do or desire, we should ask ourselves this question: who is going to be glorified after all is said and done. This enables us to search and remain humble in our commitment to the Lord, for God does not share His glory with anyone.

In every kingdom, there is a ruler, and there are citizens. God takes the precedence of being King of our life to reign in us. It is the will of the King that gets done. Therefore, you will see in practicality how to let God's will be done in your daily life.

Jesus, the bread of life, is our daily bread. You will see that the Lord did not only mean for us to ask for physical bread, but He indeed meant spiritual food as well. The question is, if indeed He meant for us to ask God to give us our daily food, won't that mean that only those who are poor are the ones to pray this portion? How can this portion of the prayer have meaning to a rich man who has no lack with food? Read on and discover.

Forgiveness is for you who is forgiving, for it frees you from bondage. With God's help, forgiveness is possible. Jesus demonstrated it at the garden and at the cross.

There is power in praying the Lord's Prayer. Read and know that power for yourself.

--Sarah Kerubo Nyandoro

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