The Secret of the Old Warehouse, And Other Stories

Jacob Malloy was a strong, energetic lad of thirteen who lived with his family in the small

suburb of Baytown. His life was far from boring because school and church always provided plenty

of activities. However, being of an inquisitive nature, Jake was ever ready for something new and

different. He was intrigued by an old, abandoned warehouse near the railroad tracks. What it had

been used for originally, he had no idea, but he was itching to get inside and look around.

Surely, there must be something of interest in that old building! Any chance of his being able to

satisfy his curiosity, however, seemed nonexistent because the windows were boarded up. Imagine

his surprise when one Saturday on his way to his friend's house, he noticed that one of the boards

had come loose and was hanging by a nail! This was an opportunity not to be missed!

He convinced his friend, a rather reluctant Joe Reilly, to accompany him on this adventure.

Together, they managed to open the window and squeeze through it. The boys found that though

seemingly abandoned, the building was not vacant! Their adventure turned deadly when they were

discovered and imprisoned! The story shifts back and forth from them to their frantic parents and

friends and the efforts made to find them. There is a story within the story as friends, Robert and

Jonathan, and their parents have an adventure of their own and make a life-changing discovery.

--Imelda Rose Kaufman