The Seventh Sunrise: A Time to Hear God's Whisper

Larry Gordon provides thought-provoking tales about life, love, joy, grief, compassion, and kindness. He writes with intrigue and humor. His stories take you from a sacrificial mayfly, surfing an eddy in the waters of a trout stream, to a pantheon ballroom in the cosmos where Jupiter and Saturn dance cheek to cheek. From two matches burning bright in the chilly night sky of the Los Angeles Coliseum to the twin peaks of Granite Mountain in Arizona and Mount Sinai halfway around the world. Each story is anchored with God's whisper--his word engraved in love. Each chapter begins with a new day. And with each dawn begins another moment of truth--a time for joy, a time for sorrow, but most of all, a time to care! The Seventh Sunrise is chock-full of wisdom hidden in the most obscure of places. And within each concealed spot is a sanctuary cloaked with God's fingerprints.

--Larry Gordon

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