The Sibling Sandwich

Back Summary PageArleen Burke has gotten to the crux of the matter about raising children to be happy, well-developed individuals. All kids need to feel unique, especially when they are the middle child. This sweet story lets the reader into the world of a young girl trying to find her place in her family, a place where she will feel just as special as her two brothers who are both immersed in their private worlds of hobbies and interests. She finally finds her own answer with an adorable tiger kitten who makes her feel like she has become the sweet filling in a sibling sandwich. Beginner readers will not only enjoy the ease of reading, but the specialized vocabulary words that will sing forth when they read them aloud. This book is a must for a young child’s library. It would also lend itself to many meaningful discussions and writing assignments in any primary-level classroom.

--Arleen Burke

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