The Snowflake Prince

The Snowflake Prince” has been born in the Land of Snow. He has much to learn about who he is and what his joy will be. The Land of Snow exists in the time-frame realm of infinity plus. The King and Queen of the Land of Snow are the most caring parents in the entire land and they love and guide their little Prince through the early years of his life. Ultimately, as the little Prince was growing, he learned more and more about his beautiful Land of Snow, and how and why he was changing and getting bigger and stronger. He even felt he was born to do something very special.

From a great distance, he saw a world floating far, far away and seemed to be drawn to it. His loving parents tell him why he is so drawn to this world as he grows bigger and stronger, and all the elements in the Land of Snow will also be by his side to help and protect him, when he is ready for his great journey. The Snowflake Prince has many adventures while taking this great journey, all of which are amazing, thrilling, exciting, and also comforting. The young Snowflake Prince learns of his importance during a celestial event that would forever change the world he journeyed to and then managed to find his way home to the Land of Snow and his loving parents intact.

--C.G. Martin