The Soul's Keep

"We will offer peace through unification."

- Sextus Corvinus Aelius

When detective Mark investigates an apparent suicide, he discovers that the corpses DNA is an exact match to a "John Doe" already on file who was murdered weeks before. Thinking it's just a data anomaly, his investigation takes him down the rabbit hole of international intrigue, leading him to an organization attempting to fulfill an ancient prophesy.

Throughout history, a secret guild named Corvus has been building foundations for the New Rome. Tasked by an ageless spirit calling itself Minerva, Corvus's goal is to unify the world under one leader, one god. With roots stemming from the 1st century, their hidden members have been preparing for the Time, the time when the Age of the Church closes. Utilizing a breakthrough in rapid therapeutic cloning, Corvus seeks to design its leaders through human cloning. But their plans fall short when the clones emerge non-sentient - they possess no soul.

Then things get really weird.

After a clone cell donor dies his spirit "Jumps" into his clone's body, but his spirit is not the only one entering. A new front in the spiritual war opens, and on this battleground, free-will is powerfully contested.

A gripping science fiction thriller touching metaphysis and religion, pneumatology and theology. The Soul's Keep is the first, in a trilogy covering the re-emergence of Rome in apocalyptic times.

Author's Bio

D. Allen has degrees in Political Science and History. Intrigued by the nature of human will, he wrote The Soul's Keep to explore some of the Spiritual and Ontological aspects of human nature through Science Fiction. Following the lead of great Sci-Fi authors such as Heinlein, Asimov, and Clark, he creates a fictional reality in an attempt to explore human and spiritual interaction.

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--D. Allen Gilman