The Star Will Take You Out of Darkness

2 It is incredible that now as I look back, I can clearly see how God was accomplishing His promises by orchestrating my actions in such a precise way and layering my life, taking me back and forth, back and forth, and proving his existence in my life.That's the reason you have this book in your hands. When I finished my writing, I was worried about whether or not I was doing the right thing. I wondered, What if my decision is wrong? What if I'm not qualified for this? I don't know anything about the Bible. Who am I to honor Jesus Christ with my work? The voice of fear was so loud that it was keeping me away to being worthy to testify about Him. But then He gave me the supernatural. It was a Sunday at 1:57 on Easter morning, when the brightest, biggest light, surrounded by a beautiful, luminous blue light hit my face twice like a heartbeat! The next day, incredibly, I became a painter without even knowing anything about painting or drawing. This miracle was God's evidence and verification for my book.At this moment, as I'm writing, I can't stop my tears. I understood that my stories were not given to me just to enjoy myself, but they were given for a reason, maybe to be a key to open lots of closed or troubled souls to God, as has indeed happened with my own soul. This was my assignment: to write everything down without adding or removing a single detail, so that you will believe that Jesus Christ is real, and He exists. I'm not a miracle worker, nor have I been anointed with some supernatural power to convince you, but I know that my testimony about Jesus Christ is true.My promise to you is "by reading this book, you will experience the presence of Jesus Christ and His blessing to your soul."Remember, Jesus Christ is the only truth and a light out of darkness.

--Ruzanna Khachatryan

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