The Sticks and Stones of Hannah Jones

Life isn't always fair. Some seem to skate through without a care, while others work from sunup to sundown barely keeping their head above water. Still, life is what you make it. Hard times aren't to be feared and good times aren't to be coveted. Hard times are exercises for faith and good times peaceful reposes. But, if we had nothing but ease, it would atrophy our spirits like too much sugar rots our teeth. Trials make us able to stand in the storm trusting God to bring us through.

Hannah Jones and her family had hard times as a close neighbor in their home in the hollows of post-Depression West Virginia, but they refused to give in or give up. They refused to let coal dust and poverty wipe away their joy. They took each day as it came and looked for the hidden gems. In this story, her story, you will find that "" life is God's gift no matter what!

--Elizabeth Kathleen