The Strong and Courageous

When eleven-year-old Bella Breeland was swallowed up in the extremely dense Gemini Forest in northern Florida, she had no idea how her careless actions would come to affect the lives of so many others.

Jenna Breeland: a single parent trying to run her veterinarian clinic alone after her husband and partner in the clinic had left her for another woman. Raising Bella alone had become a challenge that sometimes left her defeated.

Jonathan Gonzorelli: a hard-hearted homicide detective who was called in by his police chief to help locate Bella. He was not happy about being placed on “lost kid” detail.

Jamison Matthews: a broken-hearted veterinarian on vacation from Breezy Shores, Florida, who finds himself unexpectedly joining in the search for Bella.

Donna Bailey: Bella’s beloved aunt, whose life changed drastically when Bella got lost.

Bella Breeland: a feisty eleven-year-old whose motto had become “If it’s too good to be true, it will probably come unglued.” Bella bit off more than she bargained for when she ran after her little dog who was chasing a rabbit into the dense forest. Following the dog, it was only a few minutes before Bella realized she was completely lost.

However, like Joshua in the Bible, those who are strong and courageous will always come out the victor with God’s help.

This is their story.

--Beth Blair Heavener