The Suicide Epidemic in Children and Teens: Cause. Effect. Cure. How to suicide proof your child

The suicide epidemic in children and teens takes a realistic look at what is causing this devastating disaster. It reveals how Satan is using the entertainment industry and the Internet in attacking children and teens. The author uses real life stories from across his forty years of pastoring and working in hospitals as a clinical psychologist to show Satan's horrible plan to destroy the lives of children and teens, and their families. These heart ripping stories of children and teens who have committed suicide and the chaos that is left behind and the lasting effects this terrible epidemic creates on homes, churches, schools, society itself, is revealed in the pages of this book.

The author gives you specific warning signs to look for in your children and teenagers that will alert you to the fact that your child may be in serious trouble. Plus, you will find things you need to do immediately if your child is falling into the suicide trap.

This book will give you God's plan on how to raise strong spiritual and emotionally healthy children. It lays out a plan in a practical way using verse-by-verse Bible truth that can keep your children out of Satan's traps. Especially his suicide trap.

Every parent needs this book so they can see how things they may think are innocent can be deadly. This book would be an excellent resource book for counselors, teachers, and ministers that work with children and teenagers.

--Dr. Steve Fain

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