The Superman and His Words

They didn't know that the quiet child who was growing up was the one whom it was said that all things were made through Him, and without Him, not anything was made that has been made; that in Him, not anything was made that has been made; and that in Him was life (Zoe); and that He was the light of men. The whole world has been expecting a superman. The first superman came as a root out of the dry ground. No one recognized Him. No one knew that God could manifest in the flesh. They didn't know that the logos of God, who had been with God and who was God (Proverb 8:22-30), could have been with them when they were still looking elsewhere. The world has not known that there is a superman in their midst today. They don't know that every new creation is a superman in the embryo and that all that embryo needs is to know what it is, what it can do, what the Father expects it to do, and what the Father has empowered it to be and to do in the world.

--Rev. Dr. John Akinyemi

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