The Tabernacle in the Wilderness

The great importance of understanding the Old Testament Tabernacle is that it all pointed to Christ. On Mt. Sinai, the Lord gave Moses the "Pattern" for it, and it had to be followed precisely. We must also understand that every article in the Tabernacle was very important.

Think about the "Mercy Seat"-it was here where the blood was applied. It was the meeting place between God and the sinner. Praise God that we came to it for the washing of our sins.

The "Lampstand" was the only source of light in the entirety of the Holy Place. It is a Type of Christ as the Light of the world.

The Garments-the very fact of embroidery speaks of a Finished Work.

I found this very interesting, and I pray that you will too. May God richly bless you as you come for the enrichment of this work.

--Sandra Mosley