The Third Day: Outreach Judaism and Jesus

There is a reason why most analysts of biblical prophecy can't figure out how Christians and Jews can ever unite. The reason is that they are missing a piece of the prophetic puzzle. A piece that is so obvious I can only conclude that God hid it in plain sight, in the Scriptures - and is only now making it known to the world as a whole rather than just a select few. The fact is that both the Old Testament and the New Testament proclaim that in the last days, Gentiles and Jews will come together into one family and will together worship the One True God. Most Jews assume that this will happen when Christians (and all other Gentiles), finally realize that they were wrong, when Christians finally realize that Jesus was not the Messiah, and convert to Judaism. Most Christians assume that this will happen when Jews finally realize that they were wrong, accept Jesus as the Messiah, and convert to Christianity. At this point in history, either alternative seems highly unlikely. But what if there is a third alternative - one that lets Jews remain Jewish, Christians remain Christian, and yet puts us all into one united family of God? In this book you will learn: * How the same type of scholarship that is used to refute Christianity refutes Judaism also, and the same type of scholarship used to support Judaism supports Christianity as well. * How the Christian doctrines of the Trinity and the Incarnation do not contradict Jewish monotheism as defined in the Old Testament. * How the completeness and finality of Old Testament Law can be reconciled with the apparently contradictory statement that Christ has inaugurated a better Covenant (Hebrews 8:6)It is my belief that once the ideas proposed in this book are received and applied, the world will awaken from the nearly 2,000 year old nightmare of fear and mistrust between Christians and Jews, and our mutual thirst for the arrival of the Messianic Age will finally be quenched.

--Roger Garza

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