The Trials and Tribulations of J.D. Babycakes

Imagine this: living in a world where common sense is clearly no longer common nor does it make sense, where realism may or may not be real because "made up" is easier to accept but hard to explain.And finally, where one influential voice, albeit one with a flip flop wavering vibrato of insufficient substance and accountability, catapulted with a mindless band of attached sticky notes, is par for the golf course of life.Freedom! To escape! Freedom! To think deeply!Freedom! To be a space saver without apology!Enter J. D. Babycakes to offer you another mind-blowing world of the following:Your inner facsimile of debatable self.Reality surmises we all have a part, a bit, a smidgen of J. D. Babycakes in each of us.And why not? J. D. Babycakes is an evolution. She continues to evolve with time, with life experiences, in wisdom, in truth, and in conflict. She is a deep thinker seen as an oddball at times. In short, she is an imperfect presence.Her only insight to others would be one of those mirror images of Who are you anyway--a leader, a follower, an in-betweener, or a space saver.So in the end, it doesn't matter what thinking process J. D. Babycakes utilizes. Her only message to you is to dig deeper and to know that when you do, sure, you might go overboard. Just try not to drown yourself!

--D.A. Walker

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