The United States Constitution: A Directive Issued by Our Founding Fathers to create a Socialistic Form of Government

My strategy in writing about the Constitution of the United States was to determine the intent of our Founding Fathers without creating doubt regarding their meaning and intent. I did not want any reader to think that I was bias and/or that my interpretation or opinion was incorrect. I also did not want any reader to even think that my writing about the Constitution was an interpretation and/or an opinion.

My objective was to key in on certain key words and reference the definitions of those words to determine the intent of the Founding Fathers. This approach was selected to remove any personal interpretation and/or opinion on my part so that my writing would automatically avoid any personal interpretation and/or opinion.

My secondary objective was to allow the reader to better understand what kind of government and democracy the Founder Fathers intended to create and leave no doubt as to their intent.

The third objective was to prove how much more important the Preamble of the Constitution is because the Preamble of the Constitution establishes every federal agency and/or department to “promote the general Welfare” by the function of those agencies and/or departments.

The fourth and last of my objectives was to prove that everything written in the Constitution was ordained, i.e., “ordered by virtue of superior authority,” as per the dictionary definition. Therefore, since constitutional law is the supreme Law of the Land and no one is above the law, as per Article VI of the Constitution, any American that disobeys and/or ignores the Constitution commits a crime against the Constitution, which is the supreme Law of the Land, and becomes a domestic enemy.

--Jesus Rodriguez

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