The Upward Path Part One

The Upward Path was originally written to Braeden and Maddy, Dave DeBlander's grandchildren, that they might see the importance of God in their grandfather's life. In the book, he describes the lessons learned along his life's journey as a star athlete, hippie, preacher, evangelist, world traveler, businessman, health food devotee, and radio and TV host. From his morning quiet time, Dave discovered wisdom and understanding from stories and quotes by Oswald Chambers, Charles Spurgeon, and others, including many from his pastor, Brother Dennis, which he has added to this book. These insights helped to take him from a life of sin and searching to discovering the joy of walking with God and letting Him be in control of his life. The Upward Path takes us on a journey to find purpose and to discover the richness in our lives. It asks important questions such as "What is the key to all knowledge and truth," "What is the secret to the Christian life," "How to deal with worry," "What is the most important thing I have to do," and many more, while providing scriptural answers to these questions. Questions are great and wonderful, but answers are even better. With powerful quotes, stories, and essays on the human condition, the book winds its way to eternal truths and conclusions. The book can be read in its entirety from beginning to end or picked up at any point to reflect on a topic.The book will inspire and challenge you to answer the question, "Am I on The Upward Path?"You guide me with Your counsel,And afterward receive me into glory.--Psalm 73:241 1

--Dave DeBlander

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