The Value of the Creation: Man’s Value Revealed Through the Divine

Evangelist Sean C. Kalicharan is an acclaimed second-generation preacher and teacher. He is the founder and president of World for Christ International Ministries Inc. (Visit Sean graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as an evangelist under the ministry of Kenneth E. Hagin and was personally mentored by the late T. L. Osborn.

In this vital book on the value of the creation, Sean has carefully and precisely provided significant insights and evidence on how valuable and treasured man is on the earth and to God. Additionally, his attempt is to help individuals avoid a peripheral view of redemption and blaze a panoramic gaze through the trail of integral truth regarding complete redemption that is supplied through God's holy and written Word. This book is specifically designed and equipped to challenge and change the falsified and erroneous message that mankind is worthless, insignificant, and a waste to God regardless of man's state. The venture of its message is to help enable men and women to experience the exuberant life of God in humankind. Essentially, this will be channeled through indispensable biblical truths that will produce sound core Bible beliefs in the hearts and minds of mankind for generations to come.

--Sean C. Kalicharan

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