The War for April

April left home to pursue a successful business career. Her second ambition was to find the type of loving relationship her parents had. The problem is, the men she has dated in the past did not share the same desire. Her recent breakup leaves her alone again. When her parents ask her to return home to Alexandria, Virginia, to help them in ministry, April's guilt of staying away so long leads her to say yes. As an only child, her parents had sacrificed a lot in order for her to have her career. Now they needed her. They had always had a special fondness for her childhood sweetheart, Eli. Seeing him brought back all the good times. But Calvin, who recently moved back home himself, is in pursuit of April. Calvin is the unknown. His grandmother was a faithful member of her parents' church, but they know nothing about him. Will April heed her parents' advice, or will her ambition and impatience cost her?

--Velma Jackson

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