The Winding Road

Present Day

Julianna MacKenzie has everything in life she thinks that she wants at twenty-five-an interesting job, a loving family, and a fiancé. With only weeks until her wedding, however, her world begins to crumble. Upon finding her fiancé in bed with her best friend, Julianna calls off the engagement and runs home to her family in Atlanta. On the advice of her parents, she takes an overnight flight to London, hoping some time away with her brother will help her heal and put things back into perspective. Tragedy strikes when her plane is brought down in the middle of the Atlantic during a storm and she is swept away from the other passengers in the life raft by the waves. Being forced to face her worst fears, she prays for a miracle.


Alec Fraser was born the illegitimate son of a highland laird. Growing up in the aftermath of the Jacobite rising of 1745, he has done everything in his power to help his family survive financially and to restore the honor to their family name that his father and his grandfather so selfishly disregarded. Dedicating his life to the achievement of his goals, Alec's relationship with his family in Scotland has deteriorated, caused by years of anger and unforgiveness. With no thought to having a wife and children of his own, he is surprised when the beautiful young woman he pulls from the sea begins to change his life in unexpected ways.

Together, Alec and Julianna find love and adventure neither thought possible.

--Laura McElroy