There Is Purpose In Pain, And There Is Pain In Purpose

Pain is something that is inevitable in the earthly realm. Some pain, we can manage through and eventually get over it, yet some pain that we endure causes lifelong battles and even weaknesses that we fight and struggle with every day. Some struggles causes us to think that God left us or that He would not even want us because of our weakness, but what if it was the opposite?

It was Paul in his second letter to Corinth that detailed his conversation with the Heavenly Father. He stated that he possessed a thorn that he asked to be taken from him on three separate occasions, but God answered back and told him that His grace is all that Paul needed, and His strength was made perfect in Paul's weakness. So Paul decided that he would rejoice in everything that he had to go through, because when he was weak, God's strength was there to complete him.

What God showed Paul, He also is trying to show us. Today's generation has many different struggles and weaknesses, and they have learned grown to mask themselves as anger, depression, which leads to many different sad situations that we see in everyday life, such as murder, suicide, violence, etc. This generation has ran from the church because instead of loving and instructing, the church has turned into a judgmental, self-righteous form of a god that does not exist. Once the true nature of God is revealed and the feel of his genuine love is found, one will see that there is truly a purpose for everything encountered up to this point. The pain was necessary for the birthing of your purpose!

That is what this book is all about, reaching a generation to let them know that there is truly a purpose in every suffering and trial that we must go through. There is a cycle that many people are stuck in because they have no idea how to unlock the promise that God has for them, just like Xavier didn't. He thought God had left him, so in turn, he went in the opposite direction, drowning himself deeper and deeper in sorrow. But each and every word and idea in this book is for a specific purpose: to oppose every demonic spirit that tries to hold the mind captive through the hurt and pain we experience.

--Xavier Jones