Things the Preachers Don't Tell You


There are literally thousands of religions practiced in the world today, including astounding 47,000 denominations within Christianity alone. They all claim to have the truth according their individual practices, beliefs, doctrines, and rituals - but are they all acceptable to the CREATOR, the Almighty GOD of the universe?

The initial question of course is: Does GOD really exist? And if HE does exist, are all forms of worship acceptable to HIM?

"THINGS THE PREACHERS DON'T TELL YOU" directs attention to the Judeo/Christian Bible for the answers, and in its pages the creation of the universe, and the miracle of life on earth testifies to the existence of GOD (Romans 1:20). So, the first part of the question is answered from both biblical and scientific perspectives.

GOD authored the first 5 of the 39 Old Testament books of the Judeo/Christian Bible and gave them to us as the roadmap back to the precious gift of everlasting life that our forefather, Adam, forfeited at the very beginning of the world. Acceptable worship is made clear through the writings of men inspired by HIM throughout the entire Bible.

Within the first 39 books of the Bible's 66 books GOD tells us 6,823 times that HIS name is YHWH (YAHWEH) and explains what HE expects of those who hope to gain everlasting life.

Unfortunately, religionists have obscured HIS message by teaching that the Bible's mandates do not apply today, especially those contained in the first 5 books. Preachers dismiss the Bible's warnings and notoriously teach their own watered-down dogma as biblical fact. Many religious leaders have become motivational speakers who make people ‘feel good,' by teaching that GOD is an all loving "Big Daddy in the sky" who will easily overlook their error. These preachers completely dismiss the majesty of YAHWEH and the seriousness of HIS mandates, also often using religion for personal financial gain. For those who are taught that the Bible, especially the Old Testament, does not apply today, GOD reminds us that "HE does not change (Numbers 23:19 / James 1:17) regardless the "political corrections" that modern day preachers have given to HIM and HIS word.

‘THINGS THE PREACHERS DON'T TELL YOU' points to what the Bible says about:

Free Will; Repentance; Revenge; Forgiveness; Justice; Yahweh and Yashua-who are they; The First Mandate; and What happened after Christ. It explains the parallel between the Old and New Testaments showing Christ's role in the Old Testament prophecies, and how those prophecies will be completely fulfilled at world's end. It shows how Satan figures into the picture, and you may be surprised to learn how Satan has used organized religion i.e., the preachers, to lead mankind away from Yahweh. You will also learn how the death penalty will be done away with for those who love YAHWEH.

Take the time to consider what you believe and why. The scripture advises us to:

"Make sure of all things and hold fast to what is fine (1. Thessalonians 5:21 NWT)"


"This means everlasting life:

their taking in knowledge of you, the only true God

and the one whom you sent, Jesus Christ. (John 17:3 NWT)"

--Delores Glass