Think About This: A Book of Poems

The United States of America

The U.S.A. was chosen by God and blessed

That’s why we stand out above all the rest

This country was established on faith in God and courage

That’s why in the beginning we couldn’t be discouraged

God has allowed our country to fly his colors over this land

Cause He chose and guided us with His Almighty hand

He inspired Betsy Ross to put His colors in our flag

Cause she could had made it from an old green rag

The red in our flag represents the blood of Jesus Christ

Listen to this not once but twice

The white in our flag represents the purity of our LORD

And He wants us all to be on one accord

The blue represents the sky that our God in Heaven put in place

And the love that He has for this entire human race

The stars in our flag represent God’s heavenly creation

God allows us to fly this flag over our great and mighty nation

Wake up America and realize

That this nation is still blessed in God’s heavenly eyes.

Reverend Ajamu Bandele

--Reverend Ajamu Bandele