This author has unleashed a multitude of scenarios, facts and possibilities that he has acquired because he has an allergy to polyester. He is spreading his findings in hopes to inform the medical professionals about what polyester can do and how dangerous it is to our health. He wants to reach out to women to stress how dangerous and harmful wearing and contacting polyester can be for pregnant women. He reaches out to research facilities to research his findings on S.I.D.S. Because of his findings he raises questions about polyester.

Since there are twenty-nine known symptoms for polyester most doctors know five or six common for an allergy. Less than one percent will ever diagnose an allergy to polyester and therefore misdiagnose the actual problem.

This book exposes the truth to the public about the fact that polyester causes cancer and infertility, but still is supposedly safe by government standards set in the late nineteen forties and recommended by the manufacturer.

The book has many reasons why students are punished or drugged because they are uncontrollable or can't pay attention. This isn't fair to the students if their clothing is causing their actions.

When the government felt that lead paint or asbestos were harmful to our health, they banned the manufacturing of the products. Right now, the government doesn't know there is a problem, but this book could make them aware of the problem. If the people contact their congressman or senator about the dangers in this book, maybe they can vote on something important instead of more pay raises.

--Fred L. Marshall