Those of the Unexpected The Takeaways, Book 4

Betrayed by the third generation weapons, the Zoeks are scattered. Some have been taken to the Experiment Halls, while some are still in hiding. In an unfortunate twist, Memory and Abednego are taken into custody by a small precinct. The law enforcement have no idea what is ahead of them, but they have an awful feeling it has something to do with the disappearances in the neighborhood a few months before.

Tyme, Tech, and Ghost befriend the Gutter Rats, a group of ex-gang members. The three Zoeks unravel the Elite’s plan to destroy the neighborhood with one violent act at a time.

While their friends fight to save lives, the rest of the Zoeks find themselves in the hands of Agent Jagger and the Elite Representatives. Who will be sold? Who will be executed? And will they ever see each other again?

--Allison Ince

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