Thoughts on Depression: Lessons from My Journey

Billy Graham once said in a sermon, “This civilization will go down as the age of anxiety. Previous generation feared death. Our generation fears life.” Depression and anxiety violate our society on a daily basis, and Christians are not immune from this attack—though I do believe that Christians are offered the greatest tools to fight back in the battle.

This study is extremely personal to me. Not only have I struggled with depression, I also bear scars in my heart from wounds I received in spiritual combat on the battlefields. There were days I fought valiantly and days I set weeping and did not fight at all. But I have learned that scars are evidence that you were wounded but that you also survived. I am still in the battle, and I hope that by the grace of God, I am wiser and much more strategic in my warfare against this particular attack that the enemy often thrives in. I still do not win every battle, but I am learning, and I have not given up.

As you read these pages, my prayer for you is that you find strength and a God-given determination not to give up either. Victory is mine, saith the Lord, and you are not alone. Look up, my friend, and take heart. We are more than conquers in Christ and our redemption draweth nigh.

--Nicole Smith

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