Three-Fold Cord: Creation Redemption Dominion

The world is drowning in a shoreless and bottomless ocean of beliefs. Almost every conceivable theological, philosophical, ideological twist and turn is in play. Truth has become a rare treasure. Never before have so many people been so informed and so detached. The good news is that you can know for sure and you can make a difference. The purpose of the book is to introduce a biblically solid and objective way of thinking that gives the Christian a proper foundation and advantage for managing encounters with friends, family, work, and classroom. Thinking like a Christian and thinking and acting like Jesus should be the norm. Each chapter is a different approach to some older and newer methods. The truth is that all of reality proves the existence of the Triune-Creator God, and without Him, nothing makes sense. Reality either rests on the absolute God or subjective relativism. There is no neutrality as much as some try to pretend. All ground is common, but none is neutral. Today, the battle lines could scarcely be clearer.America is at a tipping point. Where the roller coaster goes is in the hands of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. This book is my attempt to make a difference in a world that is increasingly chaotic. Peace and blessings to you.

--Michael P. Hays

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