Throne of Victory

God's way is victory!

Among the deepest longings of the human heart is a cry to rise above the realm of pain and toil, to ascend to a place where the curse holds no sway and where fear no longer drives us to master our surroundings. We spend our lives seeking solace and shelter from the winds of adversity that batter fallen humanity, but the safety and assurance that we seek is closer than we think, closer even than our own breath.

Throne of Victory is a collection of letters written to draw your focus away from the bitterness and struggle of this passing world to a higher walk in the power and grace of the Spirit of God. Twenty-five letters, arranged according to phases of spiritual growth and maturity, will help guide you in your upward progress as you learn of Him and surrender to His process. Allow Him to draw out from these pages grace and instruction as you simply relax in His presence and take in everything He is breathing on you.

The Lord is calling His people to walk above the growing upheaval of the kingdom of darkness and to give ourselves to the victory of His Spirit within us, a victory that places us far above all enmity of flesh and spirit. It can and will be done by those who seek to know and yield to Him. Join yourself in every way to the grace of the One who has overcome the world that the impartation of His overcoming power and love would become your triumph.

--Michael and Julie Battaglini

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