Through Dark Clouds Shines Holy Light!

From humid, bleak cottonfields of Mississippi in the late 1930s, to the Olympic Mountains with the Pacific Ocean crashing against the shores, this story spans over seven decades in the incredible life of one twin. Nan Heathers and her identical twin, Ann, were born in Iuka, Mississippi in 1939. The last two in a large family born of love, from caring, hardworking parents. In this incredible memoir, Nan brings unusual insights into pieces of American history that come alive. She tells of one of the first immigrants (her great-great-great grandfather, William Callicutt) who arrived on the shores of the New World in 1608, aboard Captain John Smith’s ship. Together they helped build Jamestown, the first settlement in the new world.

After Nan taps our memory of history, she takes us on a journey from the old family farm in the deep south, to her life as a druggie and “go-go dancer,” to life as a born-again Christian! Nan weaves a tale that is brutally honest, at times downright funny, and definitely heartwarming. This book should be read by everyone. Especially those who think they are not good enough to join the King’s army. He lives within our hearts so that you can!

--Nan Heathers