Through it All: God Still Gave Me Favor

Through It All—God Still Gave Me Favor is about my life, growing up being saved and filled with the Holy Ghost at the young age of thirteen. Dealing with being an attractive young lady, who young men only saw sexually and not for who she was. As a child dealing with bad rumors spreading about me and being bullied in school can wear a child/teenager out mentally, but God brought me out. Just proof of God’s light shining upon my life. The book goes into being completely healed of health issues. If God did it for me and my husband, he can do it for you as well. It also talks about my secret of getting pregnant and wanting children later in life. This book will also give inspiration to those who desire to be married late in life and have a successful career. You will see where I backslide in each scenario of life, but each time I had to come to God and ask him to pull me out and each time I had to show my self-approved in his eyes, even when I didn’t deserve it. Through all of these things, God still gave me favor to have joy, peace, success, a family, and a husband. He saw fit for little ole me to grant grace and mercy upon my life. He’ll give us the favor, but we as Christians will have to commit to his word and do what God asks us to do, so he can grant us the favor he desires for us to have.

--Wanda R. Bright