Throw Away Child Finding Home: The Choice

From time to time, we stray from our core values, our safe place, our home. Perhaps we choose to wander because life is changing; perhaps it’s a fear of staying. Whatever the reason, self-concept is included in the journey, and we sometimes wonder if God knows where we are. A musically gifted child, Anna Katjea, Kate Winslow’s life began in West Virginia. The Winslow house wasn’t a happy place, and Mama sometimes had bruises and cried because of Kate. The day finally came when Mama said she had to leave. Fifteen years old, and after asking a friend for help, Kate moved to Paris for music reasons. By the time she turned thirty-five, life had taken many turns. She thought she was in love once. After all, he told her he loved her. It was a lie, and Kate hid her heart. Later, she married her manager and business partner. It wasn’t an ideal arrangement, and he divorced her for someone he said he loved. Kate kept his name, scoffed at love, hardened her heart, and asked God if He cared. Defiant and cynical, she feels unworthy of knowing a holy God, and it’s difficult to reconcile sins when they keep coming to mind. She says she’s sorry. Is He listening? Can she trust Him to forgive her? Or does she have to heal herself, take care of herself, like she did as a child? Seeking answers in academia, Kate becomes Dr. Anna K. Moyer, psychologist. She believes her home resides in the place she’s standing, and she’s asking God, “Will I ever get it right?”

--Jacque Paul

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