Thy Kingdom Come: Thy Will Be Done

Signs of the times are pointing to the reality of these being the last days. Bible prophecies are being fulfilled daily, adding to the fact that Jesus will return soon for His Bride, the church. Since this is the case, an awareness of promised happenings begins to develop before our very eyes.God supernaturally orders the steps of His people, Israel, to come home. With the church taken in the rapture, and Israel in their homeland, God allows great tribulations to seize the world.Midway through the seven-year tribulation period, God will take His people to a protected place for the last three and a half years and minister to them as Moses did in the wilderness, all the time preparing them to enter into a new garden of Eden, the Millennial Kingdom. There, they will reside for a thousand years. Biblical illustrations are presented to us that stimulate the imagination: the beauty of the setting, the productivity of the terrain, the unspeakable joy and peace experienced--but, mostly, the penetration of true, spiritually motivated worship in the millennial temple and around the city's sanctuary pool.Of course, this poses questions: "What does it mean to 'reign' with Christ?" We address this in this publication. "Will every Christian 'reign' with Christ?" No! We define this scenario. "Then who?" The answer is identified in the rendering.3

--Arlin Sanford

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