Time To Bury The Tithe

If not the tithe then what? This book exhorts the reader to a supreme form of giving known as Sacrificial Giving. There are NINE New Covenant examples of S G. The sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. "As He gave let us give the same way ". For here unto were ye called; because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example ". The Church at Macedonia who gave "beyond their power ". The boy who gave his lunch- he gave it all. The woman in the temple who gave all. Zacchaeus who pledged 1/2 to the poor. Instructions to the rich young ruler to sell all and follow Jesus. The confession of the disciples that they had forsaken all to follow Jesus. The church in Acts 2 who "sold possessions and gave to all men as every man had need". The gift of the alabaster box of ointment worth a years' wages. See Action Plan Page 58.

--Richard Shannon