To Be

To be spiritually free positions us to experience freedom in every facet of our lives, mind, body, and spirit. Deliverance from bondage is everything.James 1:4–8—God desires that we be whole, mature, and complete; lacking nothing; letting us know he’ll give to us without finding fault.In my learning to be, I have to continually put my trust in Jesus Christ, not wavering but expecting him to show up. Freedom from self-inflicted wounds, family curses, lies, and tricks of the enemy is a must.Mathew 15:26 declares deliverance is the children’s bread. If we’re going to exist, walk, and live in freedom, it’s going to take belief, Christ Jesus, repentance, honesty, and dedication.To be already exists inside of us; it just needs to be developed and nurtured.God’s promises are waiting on us. God has favored you and me by giving us To Be, a sixty-day devotional. Let’s go on this journey together, allowing nothing to stand in our way to be—not unforgiveness, strongholds, disappointments, yourself, circumstances, or situations.Ephesians 4:12—We’re to be what God has called us to be—apostle, prophet, teacher, pastor, or evangelist; to equip us to build up the body of Christ.First Peter 2:9—God has chosen us as his possession, a royal priesthood, a holy nation out of darkness and into his marvelous light.Forgive God, yourself, and others. To be is hard when you’re wounded; when peace in your own mind is nonexistent, you can’t see your own self-worth and your joy, faith, and even self-control is restricted.Strongholds cause spiritual poverty, but we have to declare the devil is a liar.I wrote this book to encourage you to be, as a part of a series called Heart Chronicles. This rose represents a pleasant task until we meet again.

--Joyce McLemore

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