To Pray One Way is to Vote One Way

Can political values and biblical values blend? This is the question Tom Paxton answers in To Pray One Way is to Vote One Way. The survival of the United States depends on its professed Christian majority voting according to the same faith they express on Sunday mornings.

While many who claim to be Christian think they are in harmony with God’s word, their voting habits show they are ignorant of God’s teachings. Those who have a real, authentic, and thriving relationship with God will vote and pray the same way.

Using scripture as well as his own personal stories and testimonies, Paxton explores the controversial issues that are dividing our country today and teaches professed Christians how to vote according to the teachings of Jesus that they claim to believe.

While America has always been a country where people are free to choose their faith, throughout history, most Americans have chosen Christianity. But if we as Christians pray one way on Sunday but vote another way on Tuesday, what exactly are we taking home from church? A nation cannot be saved if its people are not saved.

--Thomas W. Paxton

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