To Race with Horses

Have you ever woken up from sleep, looked around, and said to yourself, “It’s got to be more to life than just this.” We wake up day after day, go back and forth to work for years and years. Retire with nothing to show for it, but a retirement party. You may have a great job, a great family, and vacation often. However, can you say I left my mark on this earth? Can you say I didn’t settle for less? I’m wanting and fighting for more. Fighting for more, not the way everyone else on the earth does it, but supernaturally. If you cannot say that, this book is for you.

If you’ve never heard the voice of God tell you through trouble and trials, “You are not going to fix it, I’m going to fix it? This book is for you. This book assists your start on the path of changing your life for the better. It’s not an I’ll believe it when I see it book. You learn, through breaking down Bible’s scriptures, how God wants you to have better and live better.

However, after reading this book, you have to take the next step. This book shows you how changing your normal activities, just a little, can change the direction of your life. Following God’s command in Romans 4:17 (and calleth those things that be not as though they were), with consistency, will add God’s miracle-working power not only to your day-to-day life but also add the benefits of that power to the lives of others around you.

--J. Wiggins

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