Too Cold, Too Cold Nick and Nan

Follow the journey of Nick and Nan as they uncover the joy of giving to others. A winter storm has dumped snow so thick that the roads and bridges are not safe to travel on. But Nick and Nan have resources they can use. They have reindeer, horses, and a sleigh.Nick has no clue what Nan wants him to do. All he wants to do is take a nap by the fireside in his favorite brown chair. Nan has other ideas for him. She is a giver, and when she hears of the plight of her snowed-in neighbors, her heart reaches out with a plan.Nan enlists their older grandchildren to help fill the sleigh with groceries, toys, and a smart phone for Nick. Then she entices and sends him out in the too cold, too cold weather. He is not too pleased with the job Nan has given him. But as Nick meets his neighbors and helps them with their needs, his heart begins to warm to the joy of giving of himself to others. He soon finds that he likes the way he feels as he grows in the knowledge that it is more satisfying to give than to receive.

--Dale and Patti Stam