Torts of the Soul

Hear these words. They were commissioned by you, for you! You know, you are solely responsible to seek your salvation. You also know everything is of your choosing. Choose to LIVE your life in the light or choose EVIL and dwell in the darkness. The darkness of hate is self-consuming while the love of light makes all things possible. Seek truth in all you do and think and be kind one to another.

These short stories depict every day individuals living their lives in common ways. They are conditioned, comfortable, and consumed with a unique value of self. They are oblivious to true happiness, humility, and a fulfilled life. They are blinded by self and do not recognize what they do. Ask that your eyes be opened and that your heart be softened. Pay attention to your acts and thoughts. You will learn about yourself, becoming aware of your virtues or lack thereof. A virtuous life is not only joyful, it fulfills your wants and needs.

Judging these individuals or their actions as they migrate through life is not our purpose. Our purpose is to recognize their missteps, become aware of our own missteps, and seek reconciliation.

Good reading to you, then pass it on to others.

--Jerry Hanson

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