Transforming Male Leaders In The Twenty-First Century-Church Through Training in Transformative Learning and Transformational Leadership

The Transforming Male Leaders in the Twenty-First Century is a blueprint for all male leaders, especially those who are looking to be transformed into game-changing transformational leaders in their homes, churches, and/or the community. Males, especially African American males in leadership, have been on a decline in churches, homes, and the community in recent decades. This book will train all men in transformative learning and transformational leadership which will spark a transformational revival in our male leaders. This book is a recipe for transformation. It uses a qualitative method of inquiry which lays out a treatment plan including a three-week training module utilized to investigate the focus on the lack of black male leadership in the church, home, and the community.

This book presents the state-of-the-art research in black male leadership. This book provides information drawn from literature review relative to the absence of black male leadership in the church. This book shares significant concepts and pertinent works by leading authors and theorists in black male leadership. This book also provides an in-depth explication of transformational leadership and transformative learning theories as they correlate to current literature on the lack of male leaders in the black church.

Transforming Male Leaders in the Twenty-First Century" establishes a theoretical foundation using a theological, biblical, and historical perspective to undergird the subject matter of transforming black males in the local church. This book also examines the work of leading theorists in male leadership. This book is a solution to a male leadership crisis in the black home, church, and community. This book will enlighten all leaders regarding the leadership crisis in America and sound the bell for transformation across the globe! One must be transformed by training, love, grace, and blood of Jesus to be a transformer in the home, church, or community.

--Dr. Manuel A. Howard