Traps Along the Trails

This engaging story of a man and a wolf illuminates how similar the two species are in experiencing joy, pain, relationships, affection and even surviving life-changing trauma.  Michael Ferris, a young and very successful wildlife photographer and sculpture leaves a troubled home after high school graduation.  His excitement about the natural world in Alaska lures him north to Anchorage.  Serendipitous interaction with a like-minded young lady from the Chicago suburbs, and a big lug-nut of a dog named Malik, the couple develop strong bonds of love for each other and empathy for sentient animals.  The artist learns from from a fleeting but life-changing glimpse of secretive wolf about the meaning of empathy and how to embrace the consciousness and struggles of a wolf the locals in the Alaskan outback called CRIP.  The parallel  life events of the wolf and the man are skillfully rendered in the author's captivating prose.  Long after reading the last page you will ponder the life lessons and individuals the author presents.

--T.J. Dunn, DVM