Trials Release Our Destiny And Purpose: Everyone in Life Faces a Hard Time and It Helps Form Us

The book is to encourage people who are facing trials and difficulties in life. Trials are inevitable. Everyone goes through it at some point in life, and it comes in many different ways. Some will make positive changes in our lives, and others will affect our lives negatively. However, we will never face trials alone; God promises that he will never leave nor forsake us. God has it all figured out.

There were times when I did not feel like God was with me when I was facing difficulties, but he was. He carried me through; he was always there. I will always be grateful to him for keeping and leading me. My God had to hold my hand when I was going through tough times. I made it through some challenging times, and I am still here because God's love toward me is unfailing. The book will help you understand that trials are not to destroy you but to release your purpose. It makes you resilient in order to face whatever comes your way. It will transform your life and provide skills on how you can deal with difficulty. It will increase your faith and gives you hope for eternal life.

--Colette Blaise-Bycinte