Trusting God Through the Storms: Putting Faith into Action Amidst Trials and Adversity.

Trusting God through the Storm, Putting Faith into Action, amidst Trials and Adversity reveals the personal, profound, and at times shocking details of a single mother of eight, Anastasie's life, as she learns faithfulness, obedience, perseverance, and commitment to God through the most travailing hardships that any wife, mother, and woman can encounter.

Having suffered through divorce, homelessness, abuse, racial discrimination, and humiliation at every turn, Anastasie felt powerless, rejected, and at times, utterly abandoned by God as she struggled to keep herself afloat through some of life's greatest hardships as well as overcoming numerous adversities that would at times seem too much to bear. Through sheer maternal desperation, she fought and prayed to ensure the survival of her eight children whom she knew would need to thrive despite the lack that she could offer.

Through much fervent tears and prayer, Anastasie found strength and comfort in a personal relationship with God who would use every trial of her life to lead her into a special calling where she would soon find hope, purpose, and victory, not only for herself but for many others who would suffer as she had.

Trusting God through the Storms is a story of transformation, reclamation, and one of God's restorative power to a life beset by disappointments and brokenness.

--Anastasie Charles George