Trusting the God Within

Trusting the God Within is learning how to help yourself. It is developing a lifestyle that is pleasing and inspiring to yourself, and at the same time sets a healthy example for those who look to you for guidance and encouragement in their own lives. Real self-discipline is achievement or the ability to practice within when you are without.The key is projecting that image of yourself that you would like to become and practicing this on a daily basis. When one begins fantasizing their own "script," as if their lives were the magnificent epic motion picture for which they have been chosen as a writer, producer, director, and star.Project your creative imagination high and remember, when you set your subconscious robot achievement mechanism high, your behavior and performance will automatically seek that level. What you see with words, pictures, and emotions is what you'll get. Understand that the robot tape program can never be erased but that new images can be superimposed over the old ones. We must make a clear distinction and also comprehend the significance of the knowledge that the subconscious robot level of thinking cannot tell the difference between that which is really happening and that which is being rehearsed and synthetically experienced. Therefore, your imagination rules your world!The God within is truly and positively in your imagination, and you must learn to use it in the most positive manner to create your best life now. This is your moment, a great opportunity to begin a new life, enjoy better health, enjoy more wealth, enjoy complete happiness, and enjoy greater success. Talk to yourself over and over again when you are relaxed, visualizing yourself in the act of enjoying and completing each of your current goals. Visualization plus internalization equals realization...this is an equation I feel you should use for the rest of your life for the best of your life.Take these words to heart, it works, if you work it. So now, as it is written herein, trust the God within and help yourself by reading several times this book--go out and do it!

--Lowell Davis

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